Can you learn how to make fast money? Are there ways to make easy money? Well, let’s exploure the possibilities here. As they say, anything is possible…so let’s take alook see ifyou can make fast money on the internet…
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Are You Working Too Hard To Make Money Online?

Are you trying to hard to make money online? This may sound funny, but if you are new to internet marketing and learning how to make money online, and you are going for the credit card niche, then you are working too hard!

When people start out, often, they try to go for the home runs, and they think they will hit it out of the ballpark in one try. What happens? Miserable failure! and then they give up.

We had a chat today with Vic, and guess what? Most of his niche attempts fail! Yes, they go no where. But, 3 out of 10 hit it, and he has enough of those to be able to make what he makes on line.

One of the thing we talked about today is that you need to go for something you have a real chance to hit.

Question: If you find a keyword that is a really good buying keyword, and you get 10 searches a month, that you can take position one with a few articles and a BMD run, would you do it?

Answer: If you said no, because there is not enough traffic, then that is why you are struggling. You are probably going for the keyword that has tons of traffic, but guess what….tons of traffic means competition, and that means you will have to work damn hard for it.

Why not throw up the site that will get you 1 sale a month? It only cost you 15 bucks. Say you make 100 a year from that site. That means that essentially you made 85 bucks for that year. It breaks down to .23 a day.

What do you think about that? Most people scoff at that. Imagine you have 100 sites doing that. Again, virtually no effort sites… 23 bucks a day, or about 8500 a year.

Now, this is worse case senario. Lets say you get to .50 a day. Now you are talking 18,250 a year.

But, in reality, you will have some bigger winners….

The point is this. Go for sites and keywords you can take over easily, leave the hard ones for the big boys, and build lots of sites. Make a dollar a day per site, and build a site a day. 365 sites making a dollar a day is $133,225.00 a year.

Is that doable? Can you make money online that way?

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1 Shane { 01.20.09 at 5:31 pm }

Great points! I think this is what kills most would be Internet entreprenuers. Some of my best money makers are only .25 in Adsense clicks a day, or an average of .18 in sales a day, but the keywords were dominated in one day of work and I’ve never had to go back to do any more work. Like you said, get a lot of those sites working for you at once, and the passive income looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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