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How To Make Money With Adsense Grizzly Style

Well, I guess it is time to start making good and giving props when props are due. For about 10 months now, I have been following a few very colorful characters. It all started off when I was asking about Bookmarking Demon at the Build a Niche Store Forum, and then someone told me to see what some guy named Vic had to say about it.

Needless to say, I followed their advice and stopped into and was completely captivated. I was drawn into his in yourface style, and his no BS approach. ( I could send him a link to his url title, but I owe him a make money online linke).

Anyway, this brings me to start clicking on links and reading comments, and I come across this dude named Griz, or Grizzly, or something like that.

Pretty quickly, I am also drawn into his quick wit, and honest approach. So I mosey on over to his how to make money online blog, and man, things start to click.

I think I have read the entire blog about 20 times so far. and when ever I am bored or tired of link building, I go and re read. I alway find something new, and bet a better understanding. He has done quite a bit for all us learning SEO, and the grey methods.

Known for his looooong looooong novel posts, the guy knows how to write, and he knows how to draw you in.

I bet he could get most people to send him money if he asked…he may have a niche site…who knows? If he were from Nigeria, he’d probably be a zillion aire….if not already…

Oops I digress….

This is the man that can start a niche site with a brand new domain, and in 4 months get it to rank on page one for make money online, and have a Pr4.

This is the man who can have a blogspot site rank #1 for make money with No PR.

This is the man who lives out in the boonies in Canada somewhere where the snow is 10 feet thick and you need a helicopter to visit.

This is the man who decides one day to start a make money with adsense site on a new free blog platform, and get it a featured blog in less than a week and have the highest commented post as well.

This is the man you need to take alook at and start reading if you don’t know him….

Oh yeah….I forgot, I was supposed to be giving props. Well, Griz, thanks for all the humor, insight, free information, and community that you have created in the MMO niche.

I’ll keep coming back for more, and I hope these humble keyword optimized links will help. They don’t have the PR, but they sure are from a related post from a related site!

Cheers, and keep em coming!

And lastly, this little blog template is my wordpress version of teh famous Griz ugly blog format! Hope you like it!

February 20, 2009   No Comments