Can you learn how to make fast money? Are there ways to make easy money? Well, let’s exploure the possibilities here. As they say, anything is possible…so let’s take alook see ifyou can make fast money on the internet…
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Can I Make Fast Money With SBI?

How can I make fast money with Site Build it? There seems to be some interesting flaming going on in the blogosphere. And, it all revolves around whether or not SBI is a scam…or is it a piece of crap?

Now, I will be up front and say I DO NOT OR HAVE NOT purchased this product… I have not used it. This is my opinion…

And, so here goes…

First of all, I don’t think that Site Build it is a scam… I also think that it probably has done some very good things for some people, and there are those that are die hards.

I don’t think the debate really revolves around whether or not this is a scam…It is not…

But the question is whether or not the product is relevant, and whether it is really a product that has become one that is pushed by a bunch of affiliates onto all the newbs learning how to make fast money on the internet.

When you consider that the cost is $300 a year, that is rather high…For someone new starting out, you really don’t need to pay that much.

You can start out with the free platforms. Blogger will allow you to monetize a blog, and you can have as many as you want. So for the cost of ZERO, you can get started.

Then, it comes to the learning how to make fast money….well…you can read some great blogs that lay it out for you competely. Let me point you to a few…

make money online with Victor Franqui

Then Theres the ever so wise and loooong winded….Grizzly..over at how to make money online.

And theres the earn cash online dude who will lay it out for you….

Now..when you are ready to get more advanced, you can get a hosting account for about $10 bucks a month and host unlimited domains…try host gator…I use them… (no affiliate link)

And then you can register your domains at 1and1 dot com…again no affiliate link…

Basically, you can get this all for about $130 bucks a year.

So, is the SBI a, but the thing is it is just so darn expensive for what you get…it was great in it’s time, but with so many other resources outthere, you can really do better for less.

Most people looking to make fast money are broke and need the cash…so learn how to make fast money…don’t learn how to lose fast money!

Don’t forget…The key to making fast money in this business is to target keywords that people search with the intent to buy, then go build links to those posts. That;s it….

By the way…..

Here are some interesting posts you can read about the whole SBI debacle….

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And to be fair… sitebuildit main site.

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March 21, 2009   2 Comments