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Boring Memo Wordpress Theme Too Review

Okay Folks, I know you are all trying to find ways to make money online with different methods, and adsense is definitely one that many want to use.

The problem comes in when you can’t figure out how to increase your CTR. Well, for those of you looking to find ways to improve your CTR, you should try out Frank Carr’s Boring Memo Wordpress Theme. You can get it over at his Earn Money Online blog

As you know if you follow Griz at his how make money online blog, you want a really ugly theme that people want to get away from as soon as humanly possible.

This one is sure to deliver in a way that you should be happy with. The template is all white with small font black text. It is nicely hard to read and your ads will pop out big time.

Yessterday I tried it on two niche adsense blogs that had crappy CTR and I got good response from it so far.

What are you waiting for? Go over and say Hi To Frank, and download the version. You should be happy with the results.

Until Next Time…Matt2257

February 17, 2009   No Comments